This is my centralized list of all the third-party items I've credited in my images. All links in images will open this link page.

Items individually referenced Victoria 1.0

Michael 1.0


Architecture Pak

Morphing Blunt Cut

Michael's Conforming Long Hair

Suit Coat Pak

Las Vegas Hair Set

San Francisco Hair

Ultra Salon Hair

Victoria Gladiator


Victoria's Changing Fantasy Suit

Michael's Changing Fantasy Suit

Charger Horse

Charger Fantasy Tack

Creature Creation Pak

Costume Shop CD

Bull Whip

These are items you can purchase in the Marketplace
Elleana Hair
   Scenes Gallery "A Drink with Friends": middle character hair

   Scenes Gallery "On the Balcony"

Gen-X Hair Style
   Scenes Gallery "Going Out"

Curls Da Lux
   Scenes Gallery "Going Out"

Electronica Fashions Exotic Jewellery Pack v.2
   Fantasy Gallery "Heroine": belt
   Fantasy Gallery "Dark Queen": scorpion armband

Dmentia's Bobbi Sue
   Many images

Horse Textures by Silverleif-Studios
   Fantasy Gallery "Sir Royce Encounters a Unicorn"

Majick Mail
   Fantasy Gallery "Punishment"

Angelyna Wings
   Fantasy Gallery "Muse"
   Fantasy Gallery "Azreal"

Helen's Renderosity Store
   Fantasy Gallery "Dark Queen": jewelry

Hair models by hmann

Slick Hair by Dark Whisper

MnD Productions Collection V1

MnD Productions Collection V2

Secret Garden by MnD Productions

The Courtyard by MnD Productions

Tower Extravaganza

Other scenery by Danie and Marforno at Renderosity

Curls Da Lux by neftis

Changing Dark Fantasy Wear by Darkworld

Fantasy Adornments

Gothic Armor Textures

Cigarette Package Model


Various products by Dark Whisper

Various textures by Morris

Various textures by dalinise

Various textures by Blackhearted

Various scene props by Richabri

Various scene props by andix

Clothing figures by As Shanim

Textures by _samildanach_

Hair by Danae

Free Stuff
I've tried to link to the exact file. At the very least, I've given you user names to search the freestuff section of Renderosity
Viomar's remapped DAZ dragon (posted by TMGraphics)
   Fantasy Gallery "Watching": Dragon texture

Props submitted by cooler
   Scenes Gallery "The Adventure Begins": saddlebags

Poserworld Scenes Gallery "Get Down!": telephone pole
Scenes Gallery "A Drink with Friends": Paris Cafe scene, shirt & pants of left character, outfit of middle character and sweater of right character
Scenes Gallery "Going Out": her dress
Fantasy Gallery "Dark Queen": back wall
Runtime DNA Free Section
   Fantasy Gallery "Heroine": arm and neck straps

Sharkey's Dominatrix
   Scenes Gallery "Get Down!": her and her clothes

Separates Vol 1
   Fantasy Gallery "Heroine": bra

Sams 3D Scenes Gallery "A Drink with Friends": street lamp
Scenes Gallery "Get Down!": street light
Scenes Gallery "Going Out": wall with door
PoserPros Lots of good stuff!
PoserStyle Fantasy Gallery "Heroine": jacket and staff Fantasy Gallery "Watching": earrings
3D Cafe Scenes Gallery "Get Down!": limousine
Victoria Laceup Leather wear Set
   Fantasy Gallery "Heroine": boots
PhilC Designs Ltd.
Knights and Armor
   Fantasy Gallery "Sir Royce Encounters a Unicorn": armor
Romantix for Vicki
   Fantasy Gallery "Young Vodoun": clothes
Ziggy 3D
Formerly WhiteCrow. Many of the items I reference may not be available or may have been re-packaged.
Scenes Gallery "A Drink with Friends": ashtray and chairs
Fantasy Gallery "Taken by Surprise": weapons
Fantasy Gallery "Punishment": sword and staff
Digital Babes Scenes Gallery "Set Me Free!": his hair
WG Illustrations Scenes Gallery "A Drink with Friends": lighter
Morph World Fantasy Gallery "Watching": hair
Fantasy Gallery "Warrior's Call": sword
Fantasy Gallery "Sir Royce Encounters a Unicorn": sword
Fantasy Gallery "Taken by Surprise": sorceress robe
Fantasy Gallery "Punishment": her robe
Poser Props Club at MorphWorld Many props from many images
Nerd 3D Scenes Gallery "A Drink with Friends": cigarette & smoke
This stuff keeps moving. The only link I have it for freestuff at
Scenes Gallery "A Drink with Friends": middle character sandals
Fantasy Gallery "Muse": sandals
Fantasy Gallery "Dark Queen": shoes
WireMonger Fantasy Gallery "Watching": crystal ball
Props Guild Fantasy Gallery "Watching": bracelet
Fantasy Gallery "Taken by Surprise": Carmen's belt
Happy Worldland Fantasy Gallery "Watching": her texture
3D Fantasy Gallery "Warrior's Call"
Fantasy Gallery "Sir Royce Encounters a Unicorn"
3D Menagerie Fantasy Gallery "Sir Royce Encounters a Unicorn": cloven hoof morphs
Baumgarten Enterprises Fantasy Gallery "Punishment": room, candleabra and throne Sea Accessory Pack
   Fantasy Gallery "Sir Royce Encounters a Unicorn": necklace
br>    Fantasy Gallery "Muse": crown
Ghastley Software Fantasy Gallery "Azreal": jacket
Chemical Studios
I believe this site it down. I'm keeping the link up in case it ever comes back. The author can be reached through Renderosity by searching for member KenS.
Fantasy Gallery "Punishment": wall texture
Poserfashion Fantasy Gallery "Muse": neck drape
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