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In the Throne Room of the Dragon Queen
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1999 J Myklebust

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Bryce 4, Poser 4, RayDream Studio, KPT5, CorelDraw 9 & PhotoPaint

If ever any of my images developed from playing with a new piece of software, this is by far my best. All of a sudden, I was intrigued with bump maps and texture maps and I started really thinking about vector art.
The detail on the throne, the stained glass window and the decorative border along the ceiling are all custom bump maps I did. The winged throne was fashioned from Bryce primitives and an object I made in Ray Dream.
The dragon tapestry is a terrain with one of my other Bryce renders laid atop it.

Torches by Artimus (would put is email here but it doesn't work anymore), her skimpy costume is Vampi from Ghastley, her thigh boots by Hokusai, her crown from Wiremonger, his cape by Anton Kisiel, his sword from Lords Warrior's Ready Made Worlds, and her hair is El Grecco by Anson.

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