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Moment of Truth
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2002 J Myklebust
Uploaded 11/8/2002

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Poser 5 & PhotoPaint

Sir Randolph set off so bravely, his newly acquired knighthood as bright and shiny as his new suit of armor. He was off to slay the dragon.
But once in the deep, dark dungeon of the beast's lair, Sir Randolph is given a moment to re-think this whole "knight in shining armor" business.

Finally entered a contest and WON! Got a cool new dragon figure to play with. Again, I HAVE to do more dragon images!

Lo-res Michael, Full & Feathered Hair, Millenium Dragon (shadow) & MCFS from DAZ. Gothic armor & sword from RDNA. Staircase from MnD Productions Collections 1. Gothic Armor textures from ElorOnceDark.

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