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In the Presence of the Dolphin Queen
In the Presence of the Dolphin Queen

1999 J Myklebust
revied and retouched 3/25/2000

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Bryce 4, Poser 4, RayDream Studio, KPT5, CorelDraw 9 & PhotoPaint

A continuation of a series. The Dragon Queen image was so dark I decided to try something lighter. I made her chaise lounge in Ray Dream and there's a lot of texture mapping going on there. The statues are the dolphins from Poser.
As I was pleased with the Dragon Queen's throne, I'm inordinately pleased with the tiling I did with this picture. I think it adds a certain something that I haven't had in earlier images.

Poseable braided hair by Hokusai, her necklace and earrings by Anton Kisiel, the billowing curtains by Mazdak (I'm looking for an email or website for credit), and the background pillar models by Trimax, and the banister rail in the back is from 3D Cafe.

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