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Chess, the Musical: Play
Previous image Chess, the Musical: Play

2003 J Myklebust
Uploaded 10/5/03

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Poser 5, Vue 'd Espirit and PhotoPaint

The American and the Russian square off over the board while Florence and Molokov look on.

If you're a fan of Chess the musical, you'll know the characters. The scene's not entirely correct. If this was one of their real matches, the arbiter would need to be in attendance as well. But, hey, I was reaching the limit of what Poser could handle as far as number of figures.

Figures, most clothes, Florence and Anatoly's hair and Molokov's texture from DAZ. Chess room, table and board from PoserStyle. Anatoly's texture is Kane from RDNA. Freddie's texture is Aaron by Morris at Renderosity. Freddie's pants from Poserworld. Florence's texture is Ki by Blackhearted.

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