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What Are You Doing Here?
Previous image What Are You Doing Here?

2003 J Myklebust
Uploaded 8/3/03

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Poser 5 and PhotoPaint

She was good!
Duncan found himself on the bottom of a two-person pile-up, with Andi firmly on top. Not that he was personally against the position itself. In another situation, it definitely had possibilities. However, in this situation, she had a gun to his head. And his own gun had skidded a foot out of arm's reach.
"What are you doing here?" she demanded.
"I'm your backup."
"Yeah, didn't the captain tell you?"
The look on her face told him that he clearly hadn't. The string of colorful curses that spilled from her mouth confirmed the fact. "Uh, Andi," he interrupted gently. "Think you could let me up now?"
She scowled and didn't move. Well, except for a maddening little slide of her hips over his.
"I don't know..." she hesitated.

Figures, their outfits and hair from DAZ. Background from PoserStyle. Andi and Nicholae textures from RDNA. Guns and shoulder holster by Billy T.

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