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Grow Up!
Previous image Grow Up!

2003 J Myklebust
Uploaded 7/27/03

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Poser 5 and PhotoPaint

Tamsin ran after Arizona, anxious to catch up. "Wait!" she cried.
Scowling, Arizona halted and turned. Mel stood silent at the bottom of the steps, watching.
"Let me come with you!" Tamsin begged.
"What do I have to do to get you to let me you come with you?"
"Grow up!" Arizona shouted, at the end of her patience.


Ok, don't know where the story is going. This image is more appropriately called "How many Dark Whisper products can you use in one image?"

Figures, trenchcoat, combat pants on Mel from DAZ. Atlanta Alley, Tamsin's top and trashcan (I think) from PoserWorld. Tamsin character/textures, Arizona character/textures/clothes, hat, glove, all hair and Tamsin's pants all by Dark Whisper. Mel's texture from the WWW pack Morris and dalinise.

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